Top 17 Best heatlhy Food to gain weight faster

For some individuals, weight gain or muscle strengthening may be more troublesome than others.

You can add success to your weight gain efforts by adding some nutrition to your diet.

Here are the 17 best Healthy diet foods that will not only increase your weight, but will also work to increase and strengthen the muscles.
Top 17 Best heatlhy Food to gain weight faster

1. Milk

Milk has been utilized as a weight gainer or muscle manufacturer for a considerable length of time. 

It gives a decent parity of proteins, carbs and fats and is a decent wellspring of calcium, just as different nutrients and minerals. 

For those attempting to include more muscle, milk is an amazing protein source that gives both casein and whey proteins. Research has even indicated it can assist you with including muscle when joined with weight lifting. 

Moreover, examines have discovered that milk, or whey and casein joined, can prompt more prominent mass increase than other protein sources. 

After dinner, before eating, or when you are doing some exercise, during this, drink one or two glasses of water.

Things To Remember 

Drinking milk is an incredible method to add protein to your eating regimen. It contains both casein and whey proteins. 

2. Homemade Protein Shakes

Drinking homemade protein shakes can be an exceptionally nutritious and quick way to gain weight.

We should make the protein shake on the house itself because the protein shake purchased from outside is full of sugar and they are lacking in nutrients. You can also keep complete control on its taste and nutritional content by making shakes at home.

Here are some great ways you can try them. You can mix each in 2 cups (500 ml) of milk or you can use almond milk.

  • Chocolate banana nut shake: Combine 1 banana, 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein and 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of nut or another nut spread. 
  • Vanilla berry shake: Combine 1 cup (237 ml) of new or solidified blended berries, ice, 1 cup (237 ml) of high-protein characteristic yogurt and 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein. 
  • Chocolate hazelnut shake: Combine 15 ounces (444 ml) of chocolate milk with 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein, 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of hazelnut spread and 1 avocado. 
  • Caramel apple shake: Combine 1 cut apple, 1 cup (237 ml) of characteristic yogurt, 1 scoop of caramel-or vanilla-seasoned whey protein and 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of sans sugar caramel sauce or enhancing. 
  • Vanilla blueberry shake: Combine 1 cup (237 ml) of new or solidified blueberries, 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein, 1 cup (237 ml) of vanilla yogurt and sugar if necessary. 
  • Overly green shake: Combine 1 cup (237 ml) of spinach, 1 avocado, 1 banana, 1 cup (237 ml) of pineapple and 1 scoop of unflavored or vanilla whey protein. 

These give around 400–600 calories, alongside a high protein and other nutrients and minerals. 

Things to Remember

Always make protein shake at home Do not buy protein shake from outside which may contain sugar and they are not nutritious.

3. Rice

Rice is an advantageous, minimal effort carb source to assist you with putting on weight. Only 1 cup (165 grams) of cooked rice gives 190 calories, 43 grams of carbs and next to no fat (6).

It is extra calorie-thick, meaning that you can get more than one serving of carbs and calories without any stretch. Because of this, you eat more food, especially when your stomach gets full quickly.

At this point when you are in a hurry, minced rice is easily added to other pre-made and protein sources in a two-minute pack.

Another well-known technique is to set up a large pot of rice for the week and consolidate it with some protein and fat.

In any case, incredibly huge sums may not be astute because of their potential arsenic and phytic corrosive substance. Arsenic can cause poisonousness and phytic corrosive can decrease the ingestion of zinc and iron.

Things To Remember

Rice is an incredible well of carbs that are very easy to spend and digest. 

4. Nuts and walnuts

Eating nuts and walnuts is an ideal decision if you want to gain weight.

Only a small bunch of almonds contain more than 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of fat.

Since they have a lot of calories, you can have them every day or anytime with a feast, by doing this you can increase the amount of calories you consume faster.

Nut spreads can likewise be mixed it up of tidbits or dishes, for example, smoothies, yogurts and considerably more.

Make sure that the walnuts you are eating are of a good quality.


Eating nuts and walnuts are very tasty and you can eat them anytime.

5. Red Meats

Red meats are most likely extraordinary compared to other muscle-building nourishments accessible.

Leucine is the key amino corrosive. Our body needs to invigorate new muscle tissue.

What's more, red meats are outstanding among other normal wellsprings of dietary creatine, which is perhaps the world's best muscle-building supplement.

Consider picking fattier cuts, which give a greater number of calories than more slender meats, helping you take in additional calories and include weight.

In one investigation, 100 older ladies included 6 ounces (170 grams) of red meat to their weight control plans and performed obstruction preparing six days every week for about a month and a half.

The ladies increased mass, had a 18% expansion in quality and an increment in the significant muscle-building hormone IGF-1.

Both lean and greasy meats are an incredible wellspring of protein, however greasy meat gives more calories, which can assist you with putting on weight. 


Red meat is a brilliant wellspring of protein that will assist you with picking up muscle. It contains leucine, an amino corrosive that animates muscle protein union.

6. Potatoes and Starches 

Potatoes and other boring nourishments are an extremely simple and savvy approach to include additional calories. 

Attempt to take one of these wells of carbs: 

  • Quinoa 
  • Oats 
  • Corn 
  • Buckwheat
  • Potatoes and yams
  • Squash 
  • Winter root vegetables
  • Beans and vegetables 

Not exclusively do potatoes and different starches add carbs and calories to assist you with putting on weight — they additionally increment your muscle glycogen stores. 

Glycogen is the prevalent fuel for most games and exercises. 

Huge numbers of these carb sources additionally give significant supplements and fiber, just as safe starch, which can help sustain your gut microscopic organisms. 


Solid starches are an extraordinary method to get significant supplements and fiber, support your calorie admission and increment your muscle glycogen stores. 

7. Salmon and Oily Fish 

Like red meat, salmon and slick fish are fantastic wellsprings of protein and significant solid fats. 

Out of the considerable number of supplements that salmon and sleek fish give, omega-3 unsaturated fats are among the most huge and notable. 

They offer various advantages for your wellbeing and battle infections. 

Only one 6-ounce (170-gram) filet of salmon gives around 350 calories and 4 grams of omega-3 fats. A similar serving packs 34 grams of excellent protein, helping you fabricate muscle or put on weight. 


Salmon and other slick fish are an extraordinary wellspring of extraordinarily solid omega-3 fats. They likewise give great protein to assist you with building muscle. 

8. Protein Supplements 

Taking protein supplements is a simple method by which you can increase your weight.

Whey can be a simple and practical system for protein enhancement and mass-raising weight gain, especially when you start exercising with it. 

Whey protein is produced using dairy and is able to improve markers of well-being and reduce the risk of disease.

This can be quite progressive when you want to additionally increase protein in your day.

Like meats and other creature items, whey protein contains all the fundamental amino acids required to invigorate muscle development. 

You can utilize it previously or after your exercise and at some other point during the day. 

If you want to get that protein and you don't know where to get it, then you can take it from Amazon's site 


Protein supplements are a straightforward and reasonable expansion to your eating routine to assist you with expanding your protein consumption.

9. Dried Fruit 

Dried fruits give us a lot of calories, as well as antioxidants.

You can get a wide range of kinds of dried organic product. 

In any case, they have a high sugar content and are not perfect for losing weight.

Many people think that when dried fruits become old or dry they lose their potential. But this is not the case. Dry fruits contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Take a stab at joining some dried natural product with a protein source, for example, cuts of meat or a whey protein shake. They likewise blend well in with nuts and regular yogurt, giving a mix of solid fats, protein and other key supplements. 


The dried organic product is suppressed with calories, and fiber. This is a simple method of adding supplements and calories to your eating routine. 

10. Entire Grain Bread 

Entire grain breads are another acceptable carb source to assist you with putting on weight. 

You can make some extremely basic, unhealthy and even dinners by joining bread with protein sources, for example, eggs, meat and cheddar. 

When buying bread, focus on common entire grain and seeded breads. Solid adaptations, for example, Ezekiel bread, are accessible in most markets. 


Entire grain breads can be viable to put on weight, particularly when joined with a decent protein source. 

11. Avocados 

Avocados are stacked with sound fats. 

In contrast to other entire natural products, avocados are reasonably calorie-thick and along these lines an incredible food to assist you with putting on weight. 

Only one enormous avocado gives around 322 calories, 29 grams of fat and 17 grams of fiber (28). 

Avocados are likewise high in nutrients, minerals and different useful plant mixes. 

Have a go at adding avocados to your primary dinners and different dishes, for example, omelets or sandwiches. 


Avocados are loaded with sound fats and supplements. They're adaptable and can be added to a wide range of suppers or eaten all alone. 

12. Cereals Healthy 

Sound grains can be a magnificent wellspring of carbs, calories and supplements. 

While you ought to stay away from handled, high-sugar oats, more beneficial structures like cereal can be an incredible carb source to add to your eating regimen. 

Grain-based oats and oats additionally contain useful supplements like fiber and sound cell reinforcements. 

When buying oats, center around these sound decisions: 

  • Oats 
  • Granola 
  • Multigrains
  • Wheat
  • Ezekiel 

Try to peruse the name and keep away from oats with refined grains or included sugar. 


Eating oat can be an incredible method to put on weight and devour more fiber. Be that as it may, stick to more beneficial structures, for example, cereal. 

13. Oat Bars 

A portion of the more beneficial grain bars available can be an incredible bite when you're in a hurry. 

They are likewise a decent decision previously or after an instructional meeting since they will in general contain a blend of moderate and quick processing carbs. 

Likewise with oats, attempt to adhere to bars produced using sound entire grains. You can likewise discover bars that contain other solid fixings, for example, dried natural products, nuts or seeds. 

As a bite or feast in a hurry, take a stab at consolidating a grain bar with other protein sources, for example, characteristic yogurt, bubbled eggs, cold cuts of meat or a protein shake. 


Stick to oat bars that have entire grains and other sound fixings, for example, dried leafy foods. 

14. Chocolate 

Top notch chocolate gives a huge amount of cancer prevention agents and medical advantages. 

The vast majority suggest getting chocolate with a cocoa substance of at any rate 70%. 

Like other high-fat nourishments, chocolate has an extremely fatty thickness, which means it's exceptionally simple to get numerous calories from it. 

In 100-gram bar has around 600 calories and is pressed with wellbeing advancing mixes, including fiber, magnesium and cell reinforcements. 


Dim chocolate is pressed with cell reinforcements and different supplements, alongside a lot of calories to assist you with putting on weight. 

15. Cheese 

Cheddar has been a staple nourishment for quite a long time. 

Like dim chocolate, it's high in calories and fats. On the off chance that you eat it in bigger amounts, it's likewise a generally excellent wellspring of protein (31). 

Since cheddar is unfathomably scrumptious, you can join it into most dishes and effectively include a few hundred additional calories. 


 Cheese is a generally excellent wellspring of protein and wealthy in sound fats. Add it to dinners in the event that you need a calorie and flavor help. 

16. Entire Eggs 

Eggs are one of the most advantageous muscle-building nourishments on the planet. They give an extraordinary blend of top notch proteins and sound fats. 

It's additionally imperative to eat the entire egg. Truth be told, practically the entirety of the helpful supplements in eggs are found in the yolk. 

For whatever length of time that you don't have a narrow mindedness to eggs, there is no compelling reason to restrict your egg utilization — you can without much of a stretch eat three eggs for each day in the event that you need. 

Indeed, numerous competitors or weight lifters will eat at least six day by day. 


Eggs are perhaps the best nourishment for building muscle. There's no restriction to the number you ought to eat in a day, and they're brimming with supplements. 

17. Full-Fat Yogurt 

Full-fat yogurt is another sound and advantageous tidbit. It has an incredible healthful profile, including an even blend of protein, carbs and fat. 


How to gain weight Fast Naturally-Vajan Kaise Badhayen

How to gain weight naturally from home aap apna vajan Kaise Bada sakte hain Ghar per vo bhi bilkul natural tarike se aur vo bhi bahut jaldi. Agar aapko apna weight Badhana Hai to 100% guarantee hai aapka wait badh Jayega Chahe aap Ladki ho ya Ladka Ho.

How to gain weight Fast Naturally

Weight increase krne se pehle ye janna bahot zaruri hai ke aapka BMI kya hai Click Here to know BMI. Or Agar aapne apna BMI calculate kr liya hai to aapko pta chal chuka hoga aapko kitna wait badane ki Zarurat hai taki aap ka BMI bhi 18.5 ho jaye.

Aapne un karnon ke bare mein bhi jan liya hoga. jiski vjah se aapka wait increase nahi ho para hai. agar abhi tak aapne un karon ka pta nahi kiya hai to click here. kyunki bina karn jane aap apna weight nahi badha sakte.

Weight badhane ki Kisko jarurat padhti Hai?

Sidhi si Baat Hai Jo log Patle Hote Hain unko jarurat hoti hai apna weight gain krne ki.

Jab Logon Ko Apna weight Badhana hota hai vah Tarah -Tarah Ki chijen Karte Hain. Fir Bhi Unka vajan nahin badhta. Kyunki vo bahut sari galtiyan Karte Hain.

Main bataunga ki aapko apna weight Kaise Badhana Hai. Bat karte hai kin logo ko weight badhane ki jarurat padti hai, vo log hote hai Ectomorph.

Who is Ectomorph

Ectomorph wo log hote hain Jinka structure ya skeleton Patla Hota Hai. vah Kitna bhi Kuchh kar le Unka skeleton Patla Hi Rahega. yeh genetically Hote Hain.

Ab baat karte hain un Logon ki jo Apne weight badhana Chahte Hain. voh kaise apna wait badha sakte hain.

sabse bada factor aata hai weight gain mein calorie intake aur expenditure.

What is the meaning of calories intake

Calorie intake ka matlab hota hai ki jo Hamara khana Hota Hai. Jahan se Hame protein carbohydrates milte hai. Hamari diet mein pure Din Mein Unse Hamen Kitni calories milati hain. Aur ham kharch Kitni Karte Hain. Ham use Kitni Karte Hain.

For Example:- aapki body Ko maintain rakhne ke liye aapko 2000 calories ki zarurat padti hai. Agar aap 2000 calories se kam khaoge to Aapka weight loss Hoga. Agar aap 2000 Se Jyada khaoge to Aapka Weight increase hoga.

Pure Din Mein aap Kitni calories kharch kar rahe ho. Aur kitni calories bacha rahe ho. Jo calories bach rhi hai vhi aapka weight increase krengi.

Two ways to Increase the weight

2 tarikon se weight increase Kiya Ja sakta hai. ek hota hai unhealthy Tarika aur dusra hota hai Healthy tarika.

Unhealthy tarike se weight gain Karoge To aapka Shrir Teda Meda Ho jaega . aapka pet Bahar aa Jayega.

Dusra hota hai healthy tarike se. jismein aap aapki body Mein mans badhaoge. Jiski vjah se aapka weight badhega.

Unhealthy way.

How to gain weight Fast Naturally

jinko gande tarike se weight Badhana Hai. Unka pet Latk Jaega. Ajeeb se ho Jaenge Agar aapko gande tarike se weight Badhana hai to aap Kuchh Bhi kha sakte hain. Like pizza, burger, Paranthe, Subah Sham raat ko Paranthe.

Healthy way

How to gain weight Fast Naturally

Ab baat karte hain ki aap healthy tarike Se Apna weight Kaise Badhaoge.

Ismein aapko clean food khana Padega. aapko pata hai ki aapko calories Jyada leni hai. Ab calories 3 nutrients se Aati Hai. Protein Carbohydrate and fat.

Hamari Indian diet Mein carbohydrate bahut jyada hote hain. Kyunki Ham depend rahte hain Roti aur chawal per. sabse pahli chij aapko weight gain karne ke liye kya karna hai. jo bahut Sare Logon Ko Nahin pata. aapko apni diet Mein protein add karna padega.

Increase Protien in your Diet.

How to gain weight Fast Naturally

Aap jab bhi khana khaye aapko Thoda Thoda protein Lena Padega. protein ke bahut Sare sources hote hain.

Source of Protien- Anda, chicken, mutton, fish, paneer, Soya Dal, dry fruits, Sab Kuchh yah protein ke best source Hain.

Take Carbohydrates

How to gain weight Fast Naturally

Ab aati hai dusri chij Ki Baat Jo aapka accha weight badhaega. Ji han mein baat kr rha hun high carbohydrate. Carbohydrate aapko kaun se best Lene hain.

Source of carbohydrate- aap roti kha sakte ho, sabse best Jo normal gharon Mein applicable hoti hai chawal best option hai, Is se bhi achcha option chahie to aap brown rice kha skte Ho.

 Agar isse bhi achcha option chahie to aap oats kha sakte ho. Daliya kha sakte ho. yah Sare best options Hain Weight gain karne ke liye, aap Aalu bhi kha sakte ho.

Add Fat in Your Diet

Ab baat karte hain ki aap protein bhi le rahe ho. carbohydrate bhi le rahe ho. but aapki calories Intake Nahin bd raha hai. Kyunki aapki calories Fir Bhi kam padh rahi hai. To aapko Apni diet mein Fat add karna hai.

Types of Fat

Ab aap log sochenge ki agar Ham Fat khaenge To Ham mote Ho Jaenge. To main aapko Bata Dun ki Fat Bhi Do Tarah Ke hote hain. good fat or bad fat.

Good Fat

Good fat hote hain jo Coco net oil, butter, olive oil, avocado.

Bad Fat

Bad fat kya hote hain. aap Tali hui chij kha rahe ho. Fried chij kha rahe ho. Aur vo chijen Jo refined hoti hai. yah sab chijen hoti hai bad fat.

Ab aapko dekhna hai ki aap pure Din Mein Kitni calories leni hai. Ab agar aap calories jyada khaoge to Aapka weight increase hoga.

Weight gain 2 tarike se ho sakta hai. pehla gande tarike se aur jismein aap teede Medhe Ho jaaoge. Ek hota hai acche tarike se.

Exercise is Very Important

How to gain weight Fast Naturally

Aur agar aap Exercise diet mein add kar doge to magic Ki Tarah kam karega. Exercise bahut hi jaruri hai. Agar aapko Ek Healthy tarike se vajan badhana Hai to exercise magic Ki Tarah work Karegi.

Kyunki aap Achi Calories le rahe ho aapka Weight to badhega. Parantu agar aap sath mein exercise ko bhi add kar doge to Ek magic hoga. aapki muscle breakdown Hogi. Aapki body ache se protien ko obsorb kregi. Aur aap Thode muscular dekhoge.

I Eat Alot but why My weight is not Increase?

Ab bahut Sare log bolate Hain ki main bahut Khata hun. Lekin Fir Bhi Mera Vajan Nahin Badhta. aap bahut Kaise khate ho aap ne Subah bahut sara kha liya. Aapne raat mein bahut sara kha liya. Aapne Din mein bahut sara kha liya. Aapko lagta hai aapka Aisa karne se vajan increase hoga ji Nahin.

Kyunki aap apni daily ki Calories intake Nahin Rakh Rahe Ho. Yeh sirf aapko lag raha hai ki main bahut Kha Raha Hun. but aap time- time per Nahin kha rahe. aap Har 3 ya 4 ghante Mein Apni body ko nutrients Nahin pahuncha Rahe.Protein carb joint fat that's why aapka Weight increase Nahin ho raha hai.

I Eat Alot and my weight increase in Wrong Way.

bahut Sare Logon ko dikkat aati hai ki main to bahut Khata hun. bahut Khata rahata hun. Mera weight badh to raha hai. But mera pet Nikal Gaya Hai. Mujhe weight gain krna Tha lekin yah Kya Ho Gaya. Vo isliye hota hai kyunki aapne gandi chij ko choose Kiya Hai Apna weight increase karne ke liye.

Agar aap Complex carbs khaoge. Achcha protein loge. Acche fat loge. To Aapka Weight Nahin mass increase hoga.

Agar Aap ka pet nikal jata hai to. ek weight machine per aapke pet ka weight Dikhta Hai. That's it Weight increase krne ka matlab yah nahin hai ki aap man boobs Leke chal rahe ho. aapka pet nikala pada hai. aap bol rahe ho Mera Weight gain Ho Gaya.

Lekin yah kya hua ab kaise kam karun. yeh kam Nahin hoga to acche trike ko choose karo weight increase karne ke liye. sabse important hai aapki calories, nutrients, micronutrients, protein, carbs and fat best choice aapko choose karni padegi.


yahi hai weight gain Karne Ka Tarika. bahut hi simple aur naturally 15 din ke andar andar aapko result Dikhne shuru ho jaaenge. Kyunki aap lagatar 15 din Apne calories Jyada loge. Aur Bhi acchi baat hai hai aapka weight padega Kyunki Hamari body nutritions per kam karti hai.

Bahut Sare log bolte hain Meri body Mein khana Nahin Lagta Kyunki aapki body kharcha Jyada kar rahi hai. aapka weight isiliye increase nahi ho rha hai.

Stomach Worm Symptoms, Prevention- पेट में कीड़े के लक्शन और उपाये

Intestinal Worms Symptoms, Prevention Kide Ham Sabhi Ke pet Mein Hote Hain, Jise Ham English mein Intestinal worms bhi Kehte Hain lekin ye kide Hamare system Mein Jaate Hain aur bahut Sare स्वास्थ्य संबंधी परेशानियां खड़ी करते हैं

Intestinal Worms Symptoms, Prevention
 Hamare Sharir ko chalane wala Hamara pet hi hai agar pet bhi Swasth aur theek nahin hai to kai Prakar ki bimariyan Hamare Sharir Mein उत्पन्न hone Lagti Hain isliye Agar pet Sahi to sab Sahi.

yah pet ke kide Hamare Sharir ko bahut jyada nuksan pahuncha sakte hain to aap kaise pata kar sakte hain ki aap ke pet mein kide hain ya nahin iske liye aapko Kuchh Lakshn bataunga jisse aapko pata chal Jaega ki aap ki पेट में Kida Hai Kya aur Iske upchar bhi bataunga ki agar aap ke pet Mein Kida Hai To aapko kya karna chahie jisse vah कीड़े समाप्त हो जाएं|

intestnal worms Symtoms

  1. मांसपेशियों और जोड़ों में दर्द होना
  2. थकान और उदासीनता होना
  3. रात को सोते समय परेशानी होना और सोते समय दांत पीसना
  4. आयरन की कमी से एनीमिया तथा पाचन संबंधी परेशानी होना कब डायरिया या गैस होना 
  5. ट्रेन या फ्लाइट में सफर करते समय ट्रेवल डायरिया होना
  6. खाने के बाद भी भूख लगना आदि

yah To Kuchh Intestinal Worms Symptoms/Lakshan jinse Pata Chalta Hai ki aap ke pet mein kide hain ya nahin Agar in mein se koi bhi Lakshman aapko dikhta hai to samajh जाइए कि आपके शरीर में परजीवी घुस चुके हैं

Intestinal Worms Prevention

  1. दूषित खाद्य पदार्थों का सेवन ना करें
  2. दूषित पानी पीने से बचे
  3. बिना ढके हुए फलों का सेवन ना करें
  4.  दूध को बिना उबाले सेवन ना करें
  5.  मांस मछलियों का अधिक सेवन ना करें
  6.  बच्चों को चॉकलेट मिठाई और चीन का अधिक सेवन नहीं करने दे

Intestinal Worms Treatment

अगर आप ke pet mein kide hain to iska Ilaaj bahut hi Sadharan aur Aasan hai. Aapko Jyada Kuchh nahin karna hoga aur Jyada Samay bhi nahin Dena hoga. aap apne घरेलू उपचार से ही पेट के कीड़ों को नष्ट कर सकते हैं 
Intestinal Worms Symptoms, Prevention
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laung Hamari आंतों Mein kide dwara Chhote Gaye अंडों ko nasht kar deta hai. लॉन्ग में बहुत ज्यादा शक्तिशाली antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, aur antibiotic ke gun Hote Hain. Jo kide ko nasht kar dete hain. Laung ke bahut Sare fayde bhi Hai, jaise ki agar aap Laung ko Apne Danton Mein rakhte Hain To ye pet ke kide ko maarte hi hain sath mein dantके कीड़ों को भी maarte hain aur dant Mein kide Nahin lagne dete. Aur Bhi bahut se fayde Hain.

Aap Laung Ko khana khate Samay bhi le sakte hain. Jaise sabji mein, Achar Mein, Chai mein ya अन्य खाद्य पदार्थों में ले सकते हैं aap इसे कभी भी खा सकते हैं Jab Bhi aap koi kaam kar rahe hote hain to Ek Laung ko अपने मुंह में रख लीजिए और Dhire Dhire उसको चूसते रहिए isse aapke dant me कीड़े नहीं लगेंगे aur aapke pet ke kide bhi khatm Ho jaenge, Intestinal Worms Symptoms, Prevention.

लहसुन/ Garlic

लहसुन सबसे शक्तिशाली प्राकृतिक एंटीबायोटिक है ismein antiviral and antifungal effect Hota Hai जो bahut hi bimariyon se ladta hai jaise ki Hamare Khoon ko purify karta hai, cancer se bhi ladta hai.

aur to aur यह हमारी त्वचा और बालों के लिए भी फायदेमंद है aur bhi bahut Sare fayde Hamare Sharir ko Phunchata Hai. Aap लोग इसे कभी भी खा सकता है aur sabji, yah daal ke sath bhi le sakte hain.

अजवाइन/ celery

aapko ajwain ke bare mein to pata hi hoga Jise Ham English mein salary Kahate Hain Hamare pachan Tantra ko theek karne aur pet mein maujud per Jivan ko marne ke liye ajwain ka tel sabse accha aur prabhavit Ilaaj hai ismein accident se bharpur Matra Mein Hota Hai

ismein antiparasitic antiviral antibiotic aur anti fungal जैसे गुण हैं aap ajwain ka tel, ajwain ke Patte, aur ajwain ke दानों का भी सेटिंग कर सकते हैं yeh Sare hi aap ko fayda Denge. ajwain ke donon ko bacche bhi kha sakte hain Jo pet ke kidon ko nasht Karta hi hai Sath hi Sath sardi jukam aur bahut sari bimariyon se bhi chhutkara dilata hai और हमारे पाचन तंत्र को भी अच्छा बनाता है|

Intestinal Worms Symptoms, Prevention

Yah Kuchh Ilaaj the iski madad se aap apne pet ke kido ko nasht kar sakte hain. Aur Iske Lakshanon ko bhi Yad Rakhe jisse aapko pata chal Jaega ki aap ke pet Mein kida hain ya nahin.

yah Hamare Sharir ko bahut tariko se nuksan pahuncha Dete Hain. In kidon ko khatm karne ke liye market mein bahut sari davaiyan bhi milti hain jinhe aap le sakte hain per घरेलू उपचार सबसे उत्तम और प्रभावशाली होता है

 aur Bimari se bhi Dur Rakhta hai main aapko gharelu upchar hi recommend Karunga aur yah sabse Sasta aur Achcha Ilaaj bhi hai to Swasth rahiye Mast rahiye.

Apna BMI Calculate Kren abhi or un karnon ke bare mein bhi jane jinki vjah se aapka vajan nahi bad raha hai.

How to gain weight check your BMI

How to gain weight check your BMI इस आर्टिकल मैं आप जनेगे कि BMI क्या होता है? इसे कैसे calculate करते है ? और इसकी अलग अलग Catogories, जिससे आप body कि fitness के बारे में जान सक्ते हो ।

BMI क्या होता है ?

BMI क मतलब होता है "BODY MASS INDEX" जिस तरह से आप सड़क को KM में measure करते है, पानी या Liquid को Litre में measure करते है कपड़े को Metre में measure करते है ठीक उसी तरह से आप कितने Fit हो आपकी Body कितनी Fit है वो आपके BMI से पता चलता है। BMI Measurement है Body की Fitness Level check करने का।

अपनी BMI को कैसे Calculate करें?

अब बात करते है कि आप कैसे अपनी BMI Calculate कर सक्ते है और Check कर सकते है आप कितने Fit है। आपको कुछ करने की ज़रुरत नहीं है National Heart, Lung, and Blood Instistitute द्वारा BMI Calculator बनाया गया है Click Here नीचे दिये गये चित्र की तरह एक page open हो जयेगा। 

How to gain weight check your BMI

How to gain weight check your BMI इस calculator में अपनी Height डालें और अपने weight को डालने से पहले उसे kg से pounds में ज़रुर convert कर लें। तभी आपको अपना सही BMI मिलेगा।
आप भी अपना BMI check कर लें और देखें की आप किस catagory में आते है जो नीचे बतायी गयी है और आपको क्या improve करने की ज़रुरत है।


Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight

Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight - kin karnon se vajan nahi badta hai हम लोग उस जमाने में जी रहे हैं जहां पर हर कोई Fit and Fine रहने की बात करता है लेकिन आजकल बहुत सारे लड़के और लड़कियां अपने मोटापे से परेशान होते हैं और बहुत सारे व्यक्ति ऐसे भी हैं जो अपने मोटापे से नहीं बल्कि अपने कम वजन की वजह से परेशान रहते हैं कम वजन की वजह से शरीर दुबला पतला हो जाता है जिसकी वजह से शरीर की खूबसूरती भी खराब हो जाती है।

 बहुत सारे लड़के और लड़कियों को कम वजन की वजह से bahot Sari परेशानियों का सामना करना पड़ता है जिन लड़के और लड़कियों का वजन कम होता है वह बहुत कमजोर भी होते हैं क्योंकि वह व्यक्ति जो भी खाना खाते हैं वह खाना उनके शरीर को नहीं लगता है।
Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight

जिसके कारण से उनके शरीर का वजन नहीं बढ़ पाता है बहुत सारे लड़के और लड़कियां अपने वजन को बढ़ाने के लिए अलग-अलग तरह के तरीके आज माते रहते हैं लेकिन फिर भी उनके शरीर का वजन नहीं बढ़ता है क्योंकि व्यक्ति के शरीर में कुछ ऐसी परेशानी होती है जिसके कारण से उनका वजन नहीं बढ़ पाता है।Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight

वह कारण जिनकी वजह से शरीर का वजन नहीं बढ़ता है।

Khate smaye Pani Pina-खाते समये पानी पीना:-

 बहुत से लोगों की आदत होती हैं कि खाना खाते समय या खाना खाने से पहले या खाना खाने के तुरंत बाद वह पानी पी लेते हैं लेकिन ऐसा नहीं करना चाहिए क्योंकि खाना खाते समय पानी पीने से पाचन तंत्र पर बुरा असर पड़ता है पाचन तंत्र कमजोर हो जाता है जिसके कारण से आया हुआ खाना पेट में नहीं पच पाता है।

Stomach Worm - पेट में कीड़े होना:-

Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight
 बहुत बार ऐसा होता है कि पेट भर के ही मात्रा में पोषक तत्वों से भरा खाना खाने के बाद भी शरीर का वजन नहीं बढ़ता है ऐसा इसलिए होता है क्योंकि व्यक्ति के पेट में कीड़े होते हैं जिसके कारण से पोषक तत्व वाला खाना खाने के बाद भी खाना शरीर में नहीं लगता है और शरीर का वजन नहीं बढ़ पाता है। pet mein kide hone ke lakshn.

Sahi Samaye par Khana na khana-ठीक समय पर भोजन ना करना:- 

भजन ना बढ़ने का मुख्य कारण यह भी है कि व्यक्ति अपना समय भोजन समय पर नहीं कर पाते हैं और ज्यादातर बाहर की चीजें खाते हैं जिसके कारण से उनके शरीर को जरूरी पोषक तत्व नहीं मिल पाते हैं और शरीर कमजोर हो जाता है अगर आप अपना वजन बढ़ाना चाहते हैं तो रोजाना खाना खाने का एक निश्चित समय बना लीजिए और रोजाना उसी समय खाना खाइए।

Sahi Tarike se khana na Chbana-सही ढंग से खाना ना खाना:-

Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight

खाना खाने का भी अपना एक तरीका है और हम में से कई लोग इस सही नियम का पालन नहीं करते हैं हमें खाना अच्छे से चबा चबा कर खाना चाहिए ताकि हमारे शरीर को कम ऊर्जा लगाने पड़े और हम अपने भोजन को संपूर्ण तरीके से digest कर पाएं आपको लगेगा कि इसका वजन से क्या लेना देना है लेकिन यकीन मानिए इसका देना देना है क्योंकि जब हम खाना अच्छे से नहीं चबा पाते हैं तो हमारे शरीर को भोजन digest करने के लिए ज्यादा Energy की जरूरत पड़ती है जिसकी वजह से हमें वजन बढ़ाने में दिक्कत होती है।

हमारे माता-पिता या बड़े बुजुर्ग हमें अक्सर डांटते हैं जब हम खाना खाने से पहले गुस्सा करते हैं और यह सही भी है क्योंकि गुस्सा करने से हमारी खाना खाने की रुचि कम होती है जिससे हम खाना खुश होकर नहीं खा पाते और जिसका सीधा असर हमारे वजन पर पड़ता है इसलिए हमें खाना हमेशा खुश होकर ही खाना चाहिए।

Low Calorie wala khana khana-Low Calorie खाने का सेवन करना:-

यह बिल्कुल भी जरूरी नहीं है कि आप जो कुछ भी खाते हैं वह वजन बढ़ाने के लिए उपयुक्त अथवा लाभकारी हो देखिए हमारा भजन गैलरी कपूर खाने से बढ़ता है और वजन बढ़ाने के लिए हमें वजन और स्थिति के अनुसार कैलोरी लेनी चाहिए हमें 1 ग्राम Fat से 9 कैलरी मिलती हैं और 1 ग्राम प्रोटीन से 4 कैलरी मिलती हैं, 1 ग्राम कार्बोहाइड्रेट से भी 4 कैलरी प्राप्त होती हैं

एक औसत इंसान को वजन नियंत्रित या बनाए रखने के लिए प्रतिदिन 2000 से 2500 के बीच कैलरी लेनी चाहिए और वजन बढ़ाने के लिए हमें औसत मात्रा से ज्यादा कैलरी की जरूरत होती है जैसे कि अगर हमें अपना वजन बनाए रखने के लिए प्रतिदिन 2000 की जरूरत आवश्यकता है तब हमें 2000 कैलरी से अधिक कैलरी लेनी पड़ेगी अपना वजन बढ़ाने के लिए।

Postic Khana na khana- पौष्टिक आहार की कमी:-

भूख लगने पर हम अक्सर ऐसी चीजें खा लेते हैं जो हमारे शरीर में हमारे पेट में बहुत बढ़ाने से अतिरिक्त ज्यादा कोई और कोई काम नहीं करती हैं वजन बढ़ाने के लिए सिर्फ ज्यादा खाना ही नहीं बल्कि पौष्टिक खाने का सेवन करना अति आवश्यक है क्योंकि हमारे शरीर को तरह-तरह के Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates और Good Fat चाहिए होते हैं और यह सब कुछ पोस्टिक आहार से ही मिल सकते हैं|
Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight

ऐसे ही कुछ भी खा लेने से आपका वजन नहीं बढ़ सकता और एक बात हमेशा याद रखना कि हमारा यह शरीर अनमोल है कोई कचरे का डब्बा नहीं जिसमें हम कुछ भी डाल सकते हैं हमारे गलत खाने की वजह से हमारा शरीर वजन बढ़ाने में असमर्थ हो जाता है तो आज ही पौष्टिक खाना खाने की आदत डाल दीजिए और देखे किस तरह से आपका वजन बढ़ते हुए दिखेगा।

Jyada Sochna or chinta Karna-अधिक सोचना और चिंता करना:-

Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight

ज्यादा सोचना और चिंता करना हमारे लिए घातक हो सकता है और यह हमारे वजन पर खासा असर डालता है आपको बहुत अच्छा उदाहरण देता हूं आपने देखा होगा कि जब हम कोई वाहन तेज रफ्तार से चलाते हैं तब इंधन की खपत ज्यादा होती है और Parts अथवा टायर भी जल्दी खराब हो जाते हैं ऐसे ही जब हम ज्यादा सोचते हैं चिंता करते हैं तब हमारा दिमाग ज्यादा ऊर्जा खर्च करता है और हमारे शरीर भी बीमार होने लगता है क्योंकि हमारा दिमाग हमारे शरीर की सबसे ज्यादा ऊर्जा इस्तेमाल करने वाला अंग है और अंततः इसका दुष्परिणाम हमारे वजन को घेर लेता है|

Fast Metabolism Rate होना:-

अगर आप ऊपर बताएं सभी काम अच्छे से करते हैं फिर भी आपका वजन नहीं बढ़ता है तो हो सकता है कि आपका Metabolism Rate तेज है यानी भोजन से प्राप्त एनर्जी को अधिक तेजी से इस्तेमाल करना हां दोस्तों यह संभव है कि आपका शरीर दूसरे लोगों की मुकाबले तेजी से ऊर्जा का इस्तेमाल करता हो जिसकी वजह से वजन बढ़ाने में मुश्किल हो जाता हैं लेकिन इसका मतलब यह नहीं है कि हम कभी भी अपना वजन नहीं बढ़ा सकते लेकिन आपको भोजन को ज्यादा मात्रा में देना होगा ताकि आपके पास इस्तेमाल करने के लिए पर्याप्त ऊर्जा हो| Which Reasons do not increase Body Weight
Apna BMI kaise check kren.


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